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Boheme Retreats Waterfall Picnic 

"Waterfall Picnic Lunch "

When:  June 22nd

Weekend  June 21-23.


Join us for an exciting waterfall picnic experience! Embark on your adventure at Boheme Retreats, where our journey kicks off at the scenic Covered Bridge. Following a 25-minute guided hike, we'll convene at a beautiful waterfall for a delightful picnic lunch. Indulge in a spread featuring delectable food, wine, and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. Don't miss out on this nature-filled gathering!


The Price Includes:


·      Price includes guided hike, picnic lunch, wine and other non-alcoholic beverages.


Price per person $60

If you are glamping with us this day you can add this at the same time you book under the extras tab.



Please contact us with any questions.

All sales are final.

Waterfall Picnic (Staying in a camper?Add event during checkout!)

  • Experience the perfect blend of nature and indulgence with our waterfall picnic adventure! Join us amidst the breathtaking beauty of cascading water at Boheme Retreats. Delight in a guided hike that leads you to the enchanting waterfall, where a carefully curated picnic awaits. Savor a delectable lunch accompanied by fine wine and a selection of refreshing beverages, all set against the backdrop of the soothing sounds of nature. It's a moment of tranquility and culinary bliss you won't want to miss.

  • Waterfall Picnic experience is non-refundable except for inclement weather. We will make the call a few days before the event.

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